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Get all the HR training you need here and learn the skills you need to improve your Human Resources management.


- Services SETA: 12611

Conducting Effective Disciplinary Hearings

Chairing Disciplinary Hearings course is to provide participants with skills in participating in disciplinary inquiries. After completion of the workshop, the delega...

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- ETDP SETA: ETDPS1440US10985, NQF6, Credits: 5

Effective Communication Skills

Making human connections in a technology-driven world! In the 21st Century, men and women continually lurch between the impersonal nature of technology and the intim...

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- Services SETA: 12611US12433

Effective Time Management

Time Management course is intended for anyone who desires to manage their time effectively by using, a  variety of practical techniques taught in the course as ...

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- Services SETA: 12611US15234, NQF5, Credits: 4

Minute Taking

No matter who you are or what you do, whether at work or in the community, you are likely involved in meetings. Meetings are costly, whether they are held in a compa...

Managing Difficult Conversations

We have so many interactions in the run of a day, it’s reasonable to expect that some of them are going to be difficult. Whether these are conversations that y...

Conflict Management

This learning programme will be covering the following learning outcomes: Draw up a list of possible sources of conflict, including perceptions and assumptions, w...

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- Services SETA: 12611US114226 & 117853

Performance Management

Performance Management course teaches students the basics of creating a performance plan and the appraisal process. Students will learn how to conduct a performance-...

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- Services SETA: 12611US11473

Emotional Intelligence Works

This learning programme is intended for all persons who need to apply the principles and concepts of emotional intelligence to the management of self and others. At ...

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- Services SETA: 12611US59201

Business Ethics - A Practical Guide

    This learning programme is intended for all persons who need to apply the principles of ethics to improve organisational culture. This Unit Standard ...

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- Services SETA: 12611US252042

Advanced Management Skills

This learning programme is intended for all persons who need to describe the relationship of junior management to other roles. This Unit Standard specifies the ...

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- Services SETA: 12611

- US242818 & 242824

Train the Trainer (Facilitator)

Welcome to the Train the Trainer learning programme that will lead you to greater understanding of facilitating learning using a variety o...

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- ETDP SETA: ETDPS1440US117871 NQF5, Credits: 10


Our Hybrid Delivery Methods

Our Hybrid Delivery Methods

myWay Hybrid Learning is a technology mediated delivery method that extends the benefit of flexibility and technology to all students. Each Hybrid delivery method is described in the section below.


Have all your classes ready to be downloaded and watched, anytime, anywhere.


Never miss a classs because of health, traffic, or transport issues.


A personalized class schedule, attend class on campus, virtually or both.


In Class or Virtual Class Based Learning

A technology mediated delivery method allowing campus based class or virtual class attendance, or a combination of both. Classes can be in the form of lecture based or mentored based.


Mentored Online Learning

A technology mediated, self paced online delivery method with personal mentorship.

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