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Are you passionate about teaching? Why not make a career out of your passion by attending any one of our credit-bearing courses. Learn to teach, assess, moderate and consult within the field of education.


- Learnfast is ETDP SETA accredited: Provider ID ETDPS1440

- Qualification ID 50334: National Certificate: Occupationally Directed Education Training and Development Practices: Level 5, Credits 120

Train the Trainer (Facilitator)

Welcome to the Train the Trainer learning programme that will lead you to greater understanding of facilitating learning using a variety o...

Accredited By

- ETDP SETA: ETDPS1440US117871 NQF5, Credits: 10


Welcome to the Assessor learning programme where you will learn how to judge whether another person is competent or not yet compet...

Accredited By

- ETDP SETA: ETDPS1440US115753 NQF5, Credits: 15


Welcome to the Moderator learning programme that will lead you to greater understanding of conducting moderation of outcomes-based assessments. &...

Accredited By

- ETDP SETA: ETDPS1440US115759, NQF6, Credits: 10

Skills Development Facilitator (SDF)

This Skills Development Facilitator course will equip learners with the required knowledge and skills to identify training needs, draw up Work Place Skills Plans and...

Accredited By

- ETDP SETA: ETDPS1440US15221, NQF5, Credits 4, US15217, NQF5, Credits 6

US15218, NQF6, Credits 4, US15227, NQF4, Credits 4, US15232, NQF5 Credits 6

Master Facilitator Bundle

The Master Facilitator Bundle will take you on a three-course journey which starts with Facilitation, to Assessment and finally Moderation. These three skills are im...

Accredited By


- US117871 NQF5, Credits: 10 (Train the Trainer), US115753 NQF5, Credits: 15 (Assessor), US115759, NQF6, Credits: 10 (Moderator) 

Communicate in ETDP Settings

Welcome to the Communicate in ETDP Settings programme.   This learning programme is intended for all persons who need to demonstrate understanding of the ...

Accredited By

- ETDP SETA: ETDPS1440US114924 or 263976, NQF5, Credits: 5

- US115789, NQF5, Credits: 5, US115790, NQF5, Credits: 5

Provide Learner Support

Welcome to the Provide Learner Support learning programme.   This is a SAQA unit standard-based course that teaches Learning & Development Practitioners...

Accredited By

- ETDP SETA: ETDPS1440US117874, NQF5, Credits: 6

- US117865, NQF4, Credits: 4

Coaching & Mentoring

Welcome to the Coaching and Mentoring learning programme.   The Coaching & Mentoring Programme is a SAQA unit standard-based course that teaches learner...

Accredited By

- ETDP SETA: ETDPS1440US117877, NQF3, Credits: 4

Design and Develop Learning Material

This Design and Develop Learning Material course teaches you how to plan, develop and design your own material and curricula, develop content for learning material...

Accredited By

- ETDP SETA: ETDPS1440US123396, NQF4, Credits: 6

- US123394, NQF5, Credits: 10, US115755, NQF6, Credits: 10

National Certificate: Occupational Directed Education Training & Development Practices (NQF 5)

This course will equip the learner to operate as a Learning and Development Practitioner. A Learning and Development Practitioner’s role includes the planning ...

Accredited By

- ETDP SETA: ETDPS1440, SAQA, ID 50334, Total Credits: 121, US117871, NQF3, Credits: 8,

- US115753, NQF5, Credits: 15, US115759, NQF6, Credits: 10, US15221, NQF5, Credits: 4, US15217, NQF5, Credits: 6, - US15218, NQF 6, Credits: 4, US15227, NQF4, Credits: 4, US15232, NQF5, Credits: 6, US123396, NQF4, Credits: 6, - US123394, NQF5, Credits: 10, US115755, NQF6, Credits: 10, US114924, NQF5, Credits: 5, US115789, NQF5, Credits:5, - US115790, NQF5, Credits: 5, US117874, NQF5, Credits: 6, US117865, NQF4, Credits: 5, - US123397, NQF5, Credits: 10.


Our Hybrid Delivery Methods

Our Hybrid Delivery Methods

myWay Hybrid Learning is a technology mediated delivery method that extends the benefit of flexibility and technology to all students. Each Hybrid delivery method is described in the section below.


Have all your classes ready to be downloaded and watched, anytime, anywhere.


Never miss a classs because of health, traffic, or transport issues.


A personalized class schedule, attend class on campus, virtually or both.


In Class or Virtual Class Based Learning

A technology mediated delivery method allowing campus based class or virtual class attendance, or a combination of both. Classes can be in the form of lecture based or mentored based.


Mentored Online Learning

A technology mediated, self paced online delivery method with personal mentorship.

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