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Custom Solutions for Corporate Companies

Are you a large company that needs to do long term skills development planning and implementation? At Learnfast we offer value added services for our corporate clients that will assist in making this process much easier. Contact us today to do a visit at your offices.



Skills Development Facilitation & Planning.

At Learnfast we employ certified Skills Development Facilitators (SDF) that can assist in your long term skills development planning and submission of such plans to the department of labour.




Dedicated accounts manager.

We belive in building long term relationships. To ensure your skills development plan is managed and monitored throughout the year, we have dedicated account managers that will be assigned to your company. They will walk the skills development path with you all the way.



Customizable to suit your objectives.

We allow our corporate clients to create, build and/or customize their own skills programs to suit your companies training objectives. By customizing your skills program you can create a program that suits your staff development objectives in a time schedule that will minimize productivity loss. 



Save up to 40%.

With large corporate training you can save as much as 40% on your training costs by eliminating time spent on unnecessary topics. The more people you train the more you save. Ask our sales consultants to do a ROI for you today. 




What about training at your facilities?

Although we always recommend using our fully equipped workshops and campus as a base for the training, we can also provide training at your facilities. Equipment and gear can be transported where needed and lecturers can travel. All that the customer will be required to provide, is a suitable venue. * Terms and conditions apply



Large Group Bookings

Do you have 3 or more people to book? We can offer customized and well priced solutions for group bookings. Contact our office today and get the best price for large groups. 


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