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Computer Literacy

Computer literacy has become a prerequisite for almost any job in the modern office environment, and as such, it is more important than ever before to ensure that people have the knowledge and skills to utilise the latest technology for their own benefit, and the benefit of their businesses.


- MICT SETA: ACC/2012/07/748US258883, NQF1, Credits: 4

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Computer and Windows Fundamentals

Welcome to our courseware for Windows 10, the latest iteration of Microsoft’s widely used Windows operating system. This new version of Windows incorporates ma...

Accredited By

- MICT SETA: ACC/2012/07/748US258883, NQF1, Credits: 4

Microsoft Computer Essentials Bundle

The Microsoft Computer Essentials Bundle is designed for the new computer user or anyone who wish to do a ‘refresher’ course in basic Windows, Micros...

Accredited By

- MICT SETA: ACC/2012/07/748US258883, NQF1, Credits: 4 (Windows Fundamentals), US117924, NQF2, Credits: 5 (Word Essentials), US116937, NQF2, Credits: 4 (Excel Essentials), US117923, NQF2, Credits: 5 (PowerPoint Essentials), US116935, NQF2, Credits: 3 (Outlook Essentials)

- Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certification upon successful completion of the international exam for each Office program.

Improve Your Touch Typing Skills

Our Touch Typing Course is a professional typing course that helps you "how to type" in order to increase your typing speed and accuracy. It takes very lit...


Our Hybrid Delivery Methods

Our Hybrid Delivery Methods

myWay Hybrid Learning is a technology mediated delivery method that extends the benefit of flexibility and technology to all students. Each Hybrid delivery method is described in the section below.


Have all your classes ready to be downloaded and watched, anytime, anywhere.


Never miss a classs because of health, traffic, or transport issues.


A personalized class schedule, attend class on campus, virtually or both.


In Class or Virtual Class Based Learning

A technology mediated delivery method allowing campus based class or virtual class attendance, or a combination of both. Classes can be in the form of lecture based or mentored based.


Mentored Online Learning

A technology mediated, self paced online delivery method with personal mentorship.

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