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Make use of this lockdown period to further develop the skills you want and need! Special, hugely discounted courses that can all be done via our Live Virtual Classroom or Self-Paced, Online Mentored Learning.

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OD-ETDP Education Training and Development Courses

Are you passionate about teaching? Why not make a career out of your passion by attending any one of our credit-bearing courses. Learn to teach, assess, moderate and consult within the field of education.





National Certificate: Occupational Trainer NQF5

Quick Fact Sheet Qualification Details Title: National Certificate, Occupationally Directed Education Training and Development Practi...

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Train the Trainer/Facilitator

Train the Trainer is a comprehensive SAQA unit standard-based course that covers best practice standards of facilitating learning. From mastering the skill of u...

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Communicate in ETD Settings

To provide learners with the required knowledge and skills to:  Demonstrate understanding of the outcomes-based education and training approach within the co...

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An Assessor is the person judging whether another person is competent and not yet competent within a certain field.  The Assessor Skills Programme is a compreh...

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Moderation is the process which ensures that assessment of the outcomes described in the NQF standards and qualifications is fair, reliable and valid. Moderator tra...

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Skills Development Facilitator (SDF)

Accreditation and Training Services’ Skills Development Facilitator course will equip learners with the required knowledge and skills to identify training need...

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Provide Learner Support

The Advise & Guide Skills Programme is a SAQA unit standard-based course that teaches Learning & Development Practitioners how to guide and advise Learners o...

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Coaching & Mentoring

The Coaching & Mentoring Programme is a SAQA unit standard-based course that teaches learners to perform one-on-one training on the job. NQF aligned, credit-bear...

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Design and Develop Learning Material

This course is a SAQA unit standard-based course that teaches you how to plan, develop and design your own material and curricula, develop content for learning ...

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Caring for Babies, Toddlers and Children

This course focuses on how to provide nutrition, safety and health to babies, toddler and children.  Learners will be able demonstrate practical care for either...

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Childhood Development Reporting

A crucial part of a child’s development takes place in their early years. This course focuses on how to effectively plan and report a child’s development...

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Early Childhood Development Fundamentals

The early years of any child’s life are the foundation stages of their development and play a vital role in their successes later on in life. Lack of opportuni...

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Creating an Environment Conductive for Development of Young Children

Early childhood group environment has a very crucial role in a child’s learning and development. Young children are in the process of rapid brain development a...

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Managing and Evaluating ECD Service

This course is aimed for the individual who are managing and evaluating an ECD (Early Childhood Development) Center, nursery school or Crèche (home-based, com...

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