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Occupational Health and Safety  


Today, employers have a responsibility to protect the people within the workplace. The OHS training  we offer provides employers and employees with knowledge and skills to handle potentially hazardous situations. A Health and Safety trained and experienced professional is becoming a sought after commodity, as there is currently a lack of this critical skill within the South African and global market. Our objective is to create a safe, healthy and prepared environment for all. Further to this, this course equips learners with the ability to understand and interpret the terminology used and objectives of the Occupational Health and Safety Act 85 of 1993. Learner program outcomes include exposure to the national and provincial structures of the legislation (OHS) and various sections and regulations of the act, with the aim of implementing important sections of the act, thus striving toward H&S compliance.



Who Should Attend

Employers, Safety Officers and anyone interested in learning more about Occupational Health and Safety


R3,300.00 per person Incl VAT

PLEASE NOTE: Learnfast serves a full lunch during break as well as coffee, tea and biscuits as part at no extra cost. We also cater for special meals.


1 Day (08:30 - 16:00)

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Important Notes

  • Students are to be at the training venue by 08h00 in preparation for a 08h30 start time.
  • Learnfast retains the right to change this calendar without any notification.
  • Bookings are only confirmed upon receipt of the proof of payment or an official company purchase order for the full amount of the training.
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  • Cancellation or rescheduling requests must be in writing and reach us via fax or email at least 5 (five) working days prior to the course commencement date. Full course fees may be retained for no shows or requests within 5 working days prior to commencement.
  • Although we go to great lengths to ensure that all training proceeds as scheduled, Learnfast reserves the right to cancel or postpone dates if we require to do so and undertake to inform clients in writing and telephonically of these changes.
  • Learnfast suggests clients wait until a week prior to course commencement that a course has been confirmed to go ahead as scheduled before booking flight and accommodation. Learnfast is NOT responsible for cost associated with cancellation of classes such as flight and accommodation for clients.

1.  Health and Safety Committees

  • Functions of Committees

2.  Functions of Health and Safety Representatives

  • Facilities assistance and training
  • Functions of Representatives
  • Liability

3.  Different types of risk assessments

  • Baseline risk assessments (Baseline HIRA)
  • Issues based risk assessment (Issue Base HIRA)
  • Continuous risk assessment (Continues HRA)

4.  Sources of Hazards

  • Examples of work related hazards and risk

5.  A HSS program generally includes the following elements
6.  Health and Safety Policy
7.  Example - SHE Policy
8.  Regulations of OHS Act
9.  Overview of the OHS Act

  • The aim and scope of OHS Act
  • Sections of the Act
  • Significant terms and definitions

10.  The Use of Personal Safety Equipment and Facilities at Work
11.  The Value of a Health and Safety Policy
12.  Health and Safety Plans for Construction Work

  • General Content
  • Method statements in terms of the following
  • Register of warnings
  • Public and environmental issues in connection with the workplace

13.  What Every Worker and Employer Should Know about Health and Safety in the Workplace

  • Introduction
  • The Act and Regulations
  • Department of Labour:
    • Chief Directorate of Occupational Health and Safety
    • Inspections
    •  Power of Inspectors
  • Other Powers
  • General duties of employers towards workers
  • All workers have the right to be informed
  • General duties of manufacturers, designers, importers, sellers or suppliers regarding the use of articles and substances at work:
    • Substances
  • General duties of the workers
  • Rights of the workers:
    • The right to information
    • The right to participate in inspections
    • The right to comment on legislation and make presentations
    • The right not to be victimized
    • The right to appeal
  • Duty not to interfere with or misuse objects
  • Health and Safety representatives
  • Health and Safety committees
  • Deductions
  • Report to the Chief Inspector regarding occupational diseases
  • Cooperation with the inspector
  • Prosecutions
  • Assistance from an inspector
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