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Adobe Captivate (Only Available on Special Group Enquiry)  

Level 1 - Beginners

Adobe Captivate course students will be able to: Explore the Captivate environment. Create a project.  Update a project. Record and modify audio. Add quizzes. Publish a project. Organize projects.


2 Day (08:30 - 16:00)


Before taking this course, students should be familiar with Microsoft Windows Operating System, Microsoft Internet Explorer and basic computer terminologies.

Delivery Method:

In Class
Reach your full potential through our instructor led classes combined with interactive lessons, practical assignments and in field experience.


On Site & Group Bookings
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1. Exploring the Adobe Captivate Environment

  • Topic A: Explore the Captivate Interface
  • Topic B: Customize the Captivate Interface

2. Creating a Project

  • Topic A: Record a Project
  • Topic B: Modify a Project
  • Topic C: Insert Images
  • Topic D: Insert Animations

3. Updating a Project

  • Topic A: Insert Additional Slides
  • Topic B: Insert Objects
  • Topic C: Apply Styles

4. Adding Audio

  • Topic A: Record Audio
  • Topic B: Modify Audio

5. Adding Quizzes

  • Topic A: Insert Question Slides
  • Topic B: Create a Question Pool
  • Topic C: Evaluate User Performance

6. Publishing a Project

  • Topic A: Prepare to Publish Projects
  • Topic B: Publish Projects 

7. Organising a Project

  • Topic A: Create Aggregator Project
  • Topic B: Publish Aggregator Project

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